Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 41 Day of Hope

We went shopping at Winco. Then we came to the stake center and played a game of catch. Elder Goodman and I both have picked up some baseball mitts. He was borrowing one of the members, and we had a fun time. I wished I had played a lot more at home. Baseball is a lot of fun. Then we went in and emailed. After, we then went and played some basketball and speed ball which was lots of fun. After we rod up to Burlington to see if there was a suit I wanted and what the price was going to be. Then we came back to the church where the Spanish elders picked us up to go to the missionary dinner with the stake president. After, we came back to the church. We then had our first new member lesson with the Templins. It went well, and they understood a good amount of it. Then we went home and went to bed.

We went to the library and did time. After, we ran back home and had lunch, got changed, and went to do some service for a non member in the ward. His name is Dan, and he was working on his back yard last week. We asked if he could use some help, and he said he could use more help next week, so we came by and helped him build a garden area. We talked with him for a little while, and he asked some questions about what we do. We answered his questions, and he told us more about himself. He has a form of Parkinson's that affects the right side of his body, and because of it, he only has 10 years to live, so he told us he's doing more of what his kids want than what he wants. His wife has been looking for a church to attend so that the family can be more religious, because of Dan. The funny thing is she was looking towards Gold Creek, which is not good, but hopefully as we keep helping them, we can help them understand that it's not about religion on earth, but religion of eternal life, and families that can be together forever. So we will keep helping them. After, we came home and got changed, had our comp. study, and then went to dinner. After dinner, we went and visited people. Then we came home and went to bed.

We had district meeting. Elder Goodman talked about how we can answer questions using the Book of Mormon, which is funny because he gave this same instruction in Bellingham when I was there, so I already knew a little bit of it. After, we had lunch, rode to the post office, and shipped out packages. Then we went to the library and Elder Goodman did My Plan. After, we rode home and figured out what we would teach Michelle who we had a lesson with. We went to that lesson and taught the restoration. After, we went home and got dinner. Then we did our comp study, and then went to bed.

In the morning, we went and visited some people, helped Brother Pasket with some things, and I got it mixed up. He actually is not a professional golfer. He plays golf, but he had newspapers of someone else hanging up in his garage. After helping him, we went home and had comp. study and linner. Then we went to the food bank and helped there. After we went back to the Pasket's and helped him move some stuff back into his garage. Then we ran home and went to bed.

I had my appointment in Snohomish, and that went well. After, we then came back home and had lunch, then we weekly planned until dinner. For dinner, Brother Dean took us to a Mexican grill. It reminded me of Cafe Rio, but a little more authentic. After, we went back to his place and gave him a spiritual message. Then we came back home and finished our weekly planning and did comp study. Then we went to bed after relaxing for a while.

We helped out at the Day of Hope. It was an amazing event that happened because of Gold Creek. Basically what happens is people signed up to help volunteer for service, and we all got gray shirts that say "Day of Hope" on it. They are really cool shirts, but anyways, people signed up and went and did service all over Everett and Snohomish. It was way cool! Elder Goodman, the Mill Creek elders, myself, and about 16 other missionaries from Snohomish, went to an old folks' residence. I can't remember what they call it, but we went and filled in dirt in the flower beds that needed it, planted flowers, and made it look pretty. It was great! We had a good turn out, and we got to work with Gold Creek members too. It was great. After, we then came home, and Elder Goodman took a nap, He hasn't been feeling the greatest these last few days, some kind of cold bug is flying around here in Washington. Then after his nap, we went and had dinner with the Roberts, came back home, and had our comp study. After, we then went to bed.

We went to church and had Pattie Brown show up to church. It was awesome. She came for an hour, and she sat down with us. We explained it all to her. She loved it, and she is just the nicest old lady I've ever taught. She loved the service and wanted to come to another one next week, so hopefully she does. After church we then went home and had lunch. Elder Goodman took a nap with his cold going on. Then after we ran to a lesson with McKenzie and taught her the rest of the plan of salvation. The cool thing is we put her on date for June 17th for baptism, and she was excited and wanted to do it. She and her mom said they would work it out so she could get to church more, so she can make that commitment and can prepare for baptism. After that lesson, we then came home and did our personal study, then ran to dinner. After, we came home and did our comp inventory, and then Elder Goodman did accounting for the rest of the night until bed.

Well, that is it for the week. No spiritual message this week. I'll do that next week, but you can enjoy some pics from the Day of Hope. Love you all, and I hope your week is as sunny as my weeks have been up here!! We have been getting a lot of sun up here, and it's great! Bye! Have a good week.

Elder Hammond

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