Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 45 Transfers...

Elder Goodman is going home. He has "died"... ;) and I am transferring as well...

We started the day playing basketball with members for a while. then we went and emailed. After, we then went over to the Sportsman's Warehouse for Elder Goodman to look around and to see what it was like. We both got hydro flasks from there, and they are really nice. After, we went back to the church and ran to Winco to do some shopping. Then we went home, dropped off our food, and ran to President Brig's home for dinner. It was great. We talked about baseball and their kids. Then Elder Goodman almost got a cupcake to his face by me, but I stopped before I did it. After dinner we then went and visited some people. Then we came home and went to bed.

Elder Goodman did some progressing with the district. Then we went and did service for Brother Vanderdeen. He wanted to replace some of the soil in his front yard, so we helped him with that. After that, we came home, had lunch, and then ran up to the library and did My Plan. Then we came back home, cleaned the apartment, and rode off to dinner. We tried to visit some people, and then we came home and went to bed.

We had district meeting, and Elder Goodman talked about how to teach the restoration in an effective way, After, we had lunch at Hot Iron. It's a Mongolian grill, and you get to select what you want. They put it all on a big stove and cook it for you. It's like pasta stuff and really good. After we ran up to get a tube for Elder Rothschild's bike that Elder Goodman was using because he sent his home. Then we went to the Mill Creek building to put the TV away and to lock up the library because we forgot to do that. Then we went off to the mission office to drop off Elder Goodman's bike. When we went, the Jeep was still there, and it was being looked at by someone. I got so excited because that's my baby!! Then we came home and cleaned the apartment for inspections the next day. Elder Goodman had his exit interview, and then to end the night we had dinner with Todd Aggard, at a Mexican restaurant.

Elder Goodman went to the temple for the last time before he came home. It's something they do for all the missionaries that are going home. So I went up to Eastmont with Elder Barlow!!!! We had lots of fun. We started with planning and personal study. Then we did comp study, and the video below is us being goons during comp study. Then they had their inspections. Then we ran off to ours. As we were heading back, we went out of zone to get back to Eastmont. For lunch, we went to the mall and had Japanese food. Then we went and visited some people in Eastmont, but no one opened up. After, the zone leaders picked us up from our apartment to go get Elder Rothschild's and my bikes from the church to our place, and we exchanged Elder Rothschild's bike with Elder Dayton's bike. Then Elder Goodman came back from the temple so we exchanged back. After, we went to the food bank for the last time, and the members of the food bank gave us some letters and cupcakes. We then took some pics with them, and I wish I had gotten those pics, but I didn't... then we ran home and went to bed.

Elder Goodman started to pack. We also went to the bike shop to get my kick stand fixed and Fred Meyer to buy some things for Elder Goodman. Then we came home and found out that we were getting whitewashed (replaced) so we started to get everything ready for that. We had dinner with the Scolics, and it was a pretty fun day.

Elder Goodman did some more packing, and I started mine because I knew I was transferring. Then we wrote notes for the sisters coming in. We also updated the area book. Then we had a meeting with bishop and talked about what we could do for the sisters and who we needed to go see before we left. Then we biked back to Mill Creek's apartment and had dinner with them and a game night. After, we came home and went to bed.

Elder Goodman and I got a warm welcome to our last Sunday in Thomas Lake. We went to church and let everyone know that we are leaving. Then during priesthood, they had a party for all the fathers with goodies and soda. It was great. Then we ran to Meckenzie's to say goodbye to her. Then we went and said goodbye to Sister Templin, and then came home and had lunch. We waited for the assistants to pick Elder Goodman up for his departure. They did, and we ran around trying to figure out where bikes go. Then Elder Barlow and I went to Eastmont and had a lesson with one of their investigators, mason. We had dinner somewhere in there. Then we came home and accounted with our districts since the district leaders went home.

It's sad. Elder Goodman is on a plane home now!! I never thought this day would come so quickly. I feel like a part of me is now gone. I don't know what to do... I guess I'll go to Bellingham? That's where I think I'm going. For my thought I wanted to share words from Isaiah "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty to them that are bruised. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord." The spirit of the Lord is upon me now to do these things according to His will, and I can not let Him down. I hope you all can feel that same spirit in your hearts that he gives me that power to go and do those things. I love you all, and I'll see you soon. Bye!
Elder Hammond
pics of Pattie, Elder Goodman "Dead," and the district

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