Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 43 Justin's Wedding Week

Hey everyone. Here is the week for y'all:

We had p-day. I bought a new suit up at Burlington. It looks great, and it fits me really well. After I bought the suit, we went to the stake center and emailed. Then we played basketball and had a good time there. After, we ran home to get changed and go to dinner with the Griffiths. We had dinner with them and then came home to relax go to bed.

We went and pulled some weeds for Sister Moware. After that, we came home, had lunch, comp. study, and then went to the library for Elder Goodman to do My Plan. Once done, we came back to our area and did some work in it by visiting people. We had dinner, visited more people, and then came home to go to bed.

We had district meeting, and Elder Goodman talked about being obedient to the rules and following spiritual promptings. It went really well, and I definitely learned a lot. After, we went and had teriyaki chicken up in the Mill Creek area. After, we came home, did comp study, planned, and then went and visited people. We had dinner with the Lucas's, and I found out on Sunday that a daughter of his that's going to BYU Idaho was falling for me at church... crazy. She asked who was going home soon, and she found out it was Elder Goodman. When she found out I had 15 more months, they said she sighed and said, "Dang it." That was news to me. I've never heard that from someone. The parents told me about that. It makes me happy because that's never happened to me, only to my brothers. Dinner was great. We had steaks, and they were really good. After dinner, we then went and attempted to visit more people, and then came home and went to bed.

We started the day with going out and doing work, visited some people, and met some new move-ins. Some of them didn't want to come to church. After meeting up with people, we then went and got me a hair cut because I needed one badly! But now I look approved. After, we had linner and comp study. Then we went and helped at the food bank. After, we had a lesson with the Templins, and we taught them the plan of salvation. Then we went home and went to bed.

Friday was Justin's wedding, and I want to say again congrats bro! It looks like everything went well and you had a good time. I wore the matching wedding day tie and socks for the day to honor him.  We started the day with service for the Mowers. We helped weed her garden. After, we then came home, had lunch, and did our comp study. After, we got changed and went to the stake center for my interview with President Wilding, and Sister Wilding took a pic of me to send it home. After interviews, we rode back home and did weekly planning. Then we had dinner, and then we went off and visited some people. Then we came back home and exchanged with the zone leaders.

I was on an exchange with Elder Semidendi, and we started the day with service to finish what we could for Sister Mower. After, we came home and had lunch, then comp study. Then we were going to go and visit people that we had planned, but instead Elder Semidendi pretty much stopped and talked to everyone that came into our path. I like the idea, but it's hard to do that in our area. Not a lot of people really like us. Everyone is either salty or goes to Gold Creek, but sometimes there are some nice ones. Not too many potentials from street contacting, but that's okay. After, we then went to dinner at the church with a mocho (?) chef cook off. We had dinner of "just desserts." There was only like 3 meals that were there. The rest were desserts and treats. After that, we had a meeting with the bishop, and then we went back home to go do more street contacting. We found one potential, and we thought he might come to church, but he didn't which was sad, but that's okay. We'll see if he read the pamphlet. Anyway, his name is Larry, and he was playing ball with his kid in the park. We talked with him, testified of the truth of the church, and found out he wants to join a church with his family but doesn't know where to go. So hopefully everything works out with him. After that, we went home and exchanged back.

We went to church. After we came home and had dinner at a member's. I don't remember their names, but they were cool. Then we came home and did our personal study, comp study, and finished our weekly planning, took a small break, and then went and visited some people. After, Elder Goodman did accounting, and then we went to bed.

Well, that's the week. Sorry no spiritual message this week. It's so weird, though. Elder Goodman has 2 weeks left until he goes home. He's starting to pack, but he has sent a lot of things home, and he still is. I've got a long way until then... but that's okay. I'm having fun along the way. I'll see you all next week. Bye!!

Elder Hammond

pics below are of me on Justin's wedding day and us doing service for someone in our ward.

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