Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 42 At Least It Was a Needle, Not a Nail...

Hey everyone! Here is how the week went:

We went over to Brother Pasket's, and Elder Goodman worked on some gifts for his mom and dad. While we were there, we had Taco Bell with Brother Pasket. After lunch, we then ran off to the stake center to go email. We did some shopping at Winco and then came home to put the groceries away. Then we rode off to dinner with the Hammonds. We then tried to visit the Templins, but they weren't home, so we had to reschedule for Tuesday. After figuring all of that out, we then ran home and went to bed.

We had zone conference. We had some really spiritual discussions. We talked about repentance, the two wolves at war, (Jesus Christ and Satan) and which one should we feed, comp unity, teaching the restoration with a smile, how to recognize the spirit working with you, etc. After, I got my package, and we rode back home to drop it off and go have dinner. After, we rode over to the Templins and played basketball with them until 8 o'clock. At that time, we then taught them about the Book of Mormon and committed them to read a chapter every night. Then we rode home and went to bed

We had district meeting. Elder Goodman instructed on zone conference and what we can learn from it. Then we went to McDonald's and had lunch as a district. Then Elder Goodman and I ran to the library to do My Plan. While he did that, I watched The Prophet of the Restoration video. It was great to watch something inspiring like that. After, we rode home and did our comp. study. Then we visited some people and then exchanged with Mill Creek. After that we went to bed.

I had an exchange with Elder Bennett from Mill Creek. We did some work in my area, and we visited a lot of people, but no one opened their doors really. We also did service for the food bank, and that was fun as always. Thursday was just a rough day. After exchanging back we went to bed

I had another appointment in Snohomish, and that went well. After the appointment, we came back and weekly planned, had dinner, and went to go visit some people before we exchanged with Seattle Hill. After we exchanged, we came back and went to bed.

I was on an exchange with Elder Redd, and we went and did a lot of visiting. We were going to have a lesson with an investigator, but she cancelled on us... but we went and did what we could with the day, knocked on doors, and tried to visit people, but everyone was taking advantage of the sun. We had dinner with the Webb's and that went well. They enjoyed our company. After, we tried visiting more people but no success. From there, we went home and Elder Redd packed up his things. Then we exchanged back and went to bed after an hour.

We woke up and found out that Elder Goodman had a flat tire. We're going to get it fixed today, but we went to church, and had a weird lady come to our meeting. I think she had a mental form of schizophrenia, but I wasn't sure. She talked a lot to herself. Anyway, she came, partook of the sacrament, sang songs, listened to the talks, and after she got up and left. She told us her name was Ana, but right as she left, we went to go track her down and talk to her more, and 3 minutes after she left, we went to go find her on the street, and she was nowhere to be found. It was really odd. After church, we came home, had lunch, and went into personal study and comp study, sorta...Elder Goodman fell asleep... I was nice enough and let him sleep. We had a rough week. After his nap, we planned, and then he fixed his tire, only to ride on the rode to have his patch burst and put a nail through the other end of the tire. So we took it back to the apartment and walked all the way to dinner, which was an hour walk. It wasn't fun, but what else can you do? After dinner, Bishop took us home, and Elder Goodman tried to see if he could fix the tire, but he found out about the nail then and learned he couldn't fix it. So we will fix it today. When Elder Goodman was accounting, I got a sewing needle put through my toe. I was walking around in my room and all of a sudden I hit something in the ground, and then I'm on the ground pulling this needle out from my toe! Not fun, but at least it wasn't nails I stepped on like some people that served their missions in Washington...(Justin) It didn't go in too far, so I just put some Neosporin on it and bandaged it up. No biggie. After accounting, we went to bed 

So this week I learned a powerful lesson that I thought to share with you all. Elder Redd said this, "Sometimes we are so used to the spirit being in our lives, that our mind is blind to it, but our heart will never be blind to it." Sometimes we don't even know if it's there anymore. That's what I felt like a lot this week. I used to be in tune with the spirit, now I'm not sure, but I'm finding out. I hope that can help you if you are looking for inspiration this week. I love you all, and I'll see you soon. Bye.

Elder Hammond

Some pics of the sunny weather we are having over Silver Lake and Elder Erickson and me:

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