Friday, June 30, 2017

Week 46 Maltby Ward in Snohomish

Hello and Welcome to Maltby Ward in Snohomish, I am Elder Hammond, senior companion, with my new companion Elder Stewart, who is also a senior companion.(weird huh?)

I emailed you guys, played some soccer and pickel ball with Spanish, View Ridge, and Elder Barlow. It was a lot of fun. After, we had dinner at the Porterfield's for one last time before I left Thomas Lake. Then we had a lesson with the Scolics and went to clean the apartment again for the sisters coming in. After, we took the long bike ride back to Eastmont's apartment and went to bed.

We went around and visited some people in Eastmont, did progressing, had time, and then got ready for transfers. We had to go from Eastmont's apartment to our apartment to get all my stuff because it was all scattered. Once we did that, we went to the mission office, and I found out right as I got there I was going to be companions with Elder Stewart, and this is not the Elder Stewart you might know. This Elder Stewart is bigger, has brown skin, and really likes music. Anyway, we went around and talked to some of my missionary pals at the office while we waited for President so that Elder Stewart could visit with him. After waiting for 3 hours and him meeting with president, we then went to the Maltby area and picked up our car to go straight to dinner. Then after we went to the apartment to drop off my stuff and went to go visit more people. Then after meeting all these new people, we came home and went to bed.

We had district meeting, and it's really weird. Elder Trijo, Elder Erickson, Elder Carlislal and I are all together again in a district with Elder Black as our district leader. About half of our district were in my last district. Anyway, Elder Black instructed on how we should use Preach My Gospel effectively in our weekly planning. Then we went shopping and had lunch with the Monroe elders. After, we then went out and visited some potentials and less actives. We also did some tracting... I don't like tracting, but it makes Elder Stewart happy, so I'm okay with it. Then we had dinner with a less active member named Sister Miller. She has a ranch with lots of horses, and we have dinner with her every Wednesday. Then we came home and went to bed. It was a late dinner.

We did some service for Sister Miller, which was cleaning out some of her horse stalls. The horses were still inside, but it worked out okay. Some of them are friendly, and I got the friendly ones. After, we then came home, got changed, and had lunch. Then we went into comp study. After, we visited some people and did some tracting. Then we had dinner and visited some more people. After we came home and went to bed.

We went and worked at the food bank. We did a church tour with and investigator named Luda. She seems cool. I didn't get to know her that well, but she seems really interested in learning. Then we came home, had lunch, and did comp study. Then we went into weekly planning, had dinner at our place, and then we went and visited a family that needed some spiritual inspiration. I don't remember their names. Then we came home and went to bed.

We visited some people in the morning, and Elder Stewart practiced a piece he's playing in zone conference. Then we had lunch and did our comp study. After, we then printed off our progress record and visited some more people, and had dinner. Then we helped a recent convert with her computer. After, we came home and went to bed. 

We had church at 1 pm, so we had ward council before that as well as correlation meeting with our ward mission leader. It was a good day at church. We had dinner with the Davis's, and then we went and helped a recent convert who was having a some serious problems. This made us late getting home, and it got the Monroe elders worried, so they called the district leader, who then called the zone leaders, who then called President. So pretty much everyone thought we were dead until we got back with having service and finding out that we had so many missed calls wondering where we were... it was pretty crazy.... but oh well. We got home safely and went to bed.

Well that's it for me. The pics are of the Scolics and me, Elder Stewart's "questions for the soul," some baby deer we almost ran over, and a pic of Elder Stewart and me.

Elder Hammond

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