Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 40 Exercise Faith and Endure to the End

Here is the week!!

We had a super fun p-day. We started by riding our bikes up to Mill Creek to have our last p-day with Elder's Carlisle and Trijo before they got transferred the next day. We played ultimate Frisbee while waiting for the racket ball court to open up for us to play. Once it was open, we played some tournaments of racquetball. It was lots of fun. After, we went to Mill Creek's apartment and got changed into our proselyting clothes and went to the mall to have lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and Elder Goodman and Elder Kuble did the Blazing Wing Challenge. Basically what it is, they give you twelve of their hottest wings, and you have to eat all the meat off of them, and do it all under 6 minutes. You have to eat each wing in 30 seconds or else you don't beat the challenge. Elder Kuble couldn't eat all of his in time, but Elder Goodman finished his in 4 minutes. It was crazy! The reward is you get your picture taken and put on the wall and a t-shirt that says, "Blazing Wing Survivor." It looks way cool. While we were there, I just had some boneless sweet BBQ wings. I knew I couldn't do the challenge, and it's funny because everyone except me were going to do it, but they all bailed. Todd was there too, and he enjoyed the show. After that, we ran to the stake center and did our emailing. Then we did some shopping, dropped off our stuff at home, and ran over to dinner with the McCoy's. After, we had FHE with the Scolics, and then came home and went to bed.

We went to the library for Elder Goodman to do My Plan. It's the exit program that missionaries use when they have 6 weeks before going home. So ya, that was fun. I just sat at the computer and watched Mormon Messages. He has to do it every week, so I have to find something to do. After, we then went to the bike shop, and I got a new light for my bike. The other one broke. Then we rode home, had lunch, and comp study. Then we went and visited a referral, but he wasn't home. After, we visited some other people. Then we rode to dinner with the Sholties. After dinner we ran over to the Nebekers and found the youth helping them with their yard. So we joined in. We had a lot of fun helping. The Nebekers have been going through a hard time, so we thought whatever we could do would be great. After, we ran home and did some street contacting. Then we went to bed.

We had district meeting with the new district. The Elders that left were Elders Carlisle and Trijo, and we got Elders Redd and Bennete, which I know them both, and they are great missionaries. So, the Zone Leaders came in and instructed how to teach the restoration better. It was a good instruction. It really helped me to know how to teach better. After, we came home and had lunch and comp study. Then we planned the day and visited people. We picked up some service for Tuesday and a lesson for Wednesday. Then after we ran off and had dinner. We visited some more people, and then came home and went to bed.

We started the morning with visiting some people. But after a while, we stopped because the rain and the traffic on Seattle Hill Rd, so we went and got Elder Goodman a hair cut. After, we came home, had comp study, then linner. Then we ran off to the food bank and worked there for 4 hours. After, we visited the Greenhalls, and the Templins. Then we ran home and went to bed.

We weekly planned for most of the day, had lunch, went and visited people, and had dinner. After dinner, we came home and did comp study and comp inventory. Then we went to bed.

We helped at the postal food drive for the food bank, and that took up almost the whole day. After, we went to dinner and then visited the Templins. We had a good meeting with them. After, we then ran home and went to bed.

We went to church, came home, and had lunch. Then we personally studied. After, we ran off to the Scolics to call you guys, and it was fun to see all your wonderful faces. Thank you for the love and support you send my way in prayers. It really helps. After your call, we had dinner and went to go pick up a baseball mitt for Elder Goodman to borrow for today. After, we rode home, street contacted, and went home to bed.

Well, I promised my family I would share what I've been studying these past few weeks, and this is something I may be studying for a while. I've been studying the substance of faith and how prophets use their faith to work the works of the Lord. It helps me to learn how I can be a faithful missionary, even when I do fall, and feel unworthy, the Lord can see that I am faithful. Something I noticed in my patriarchal blessing, it says, "Jordan you will be a man of exceedingly great faith." I always hope that is true. I've learned and am still learning that a servant in the Lord's work should not compare himself to other servants who are faithful or who you think work better then you. It will just bring you down. Anyway, to get to my topic of faith, every person has faith in God. It moves them and motivates them to do amazing things because of their faith, Look at Moses. He said unto God, "Lord who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt." This is the man that parted the Red Sea. He received the ten commandments, told the people look unto the Lord and they would be saved! He was the man that did all of this, and look at how he shrinks in the beginning. He said I can't do this, and I love what the Lord says in the next verse because it changes his faith and attitude. God said "Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee. When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain." After that revelation and vision of love, then came the faith to go through the ten plagues, then the Red Sea parted, then the commandments were made, then Moses became the faithful servant of the Jews, whom they loved and adored so much. Faith helps us become converted, Faith allows us to see the path. Faith allows us to know God and become better. Because of faith, we change how we live and how we see things. Look and Lamoni's father in the Book of Mormon. Alma 22:18 "O God, Aaron hath told me that there is a God; and if there is a God, and if thou art God, Wilt thou make thyself known unto me, and I will give away all my sins to know thee..." and once that prayer was given, he fell to the ground and after was faithful and converted to become better, and he did. After he allowed all religion to be taught to all the Lamenites, and they became an amazing, faithful people with the Nephites. Because of he and his son, a generation was saved to have faithful servants of the Lord, who became as we know the Stripling Warriors. There are so many things, and I got this all from Hebrews 12 and the index in the Book of Mormon. I challenge you, if you have not already, to find that straight and narrow faith in you that we all have. Once you have found it, Don't You Dare lose it. Because if you do, then the miracles stop happening. I speak from experience. I hope we all can turn to our Lord in faith and pledge our lives to Get to know Him better. And when we do, I promise you guys that when the last day shall come, we will better know our God and Savior because of the faith we have shown and worked for. Be strong, keep praying. Though the road may be rough, God's will is always simple so why should we stray. "Be wise, my friends, what can I say more?" Until next week, I bare you my testimony, that this is Christ's church on the earth today. We are His children, and He is leading us by faith, so we can see His loving hand pushing us along to Heaven, where we want to stay. I know without a doubt that He will stand with us with whatever trial we go through, whether it's too hard or too easy, He still expects us to stand with Him, at all times, in all things, and in all places. I know these things to be true, and I testify of it by the spirit which is in me, and that is the holy Ghost. I leave you these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Hammond   

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