Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 39 The Week of Exchanges

Hey everyone. Here is this last week's layout:

We went to the Mill creek elders' apartment and played racket ball. Their apartment has a racket ball court in their information office. It was a lot of fun. I felt like I was in Stillaguamish again back in the SAC. After playing for a few hours, we went and emailed. Then we went and played basketball and hand ball. We had lots of fun with that. Then after we got changed and went shopping, came home, and had dinner. Then we rode off to have family night with the McCoys and the Scolics. They were both great. The kids had the lessons prepared, and we just had to sit back and listen to the lesson. After that we rode home and went to bed.

We got ready for the day, and then we went to the library to do time, and I watched the Face To Face with the Piano Guys, the one I missed when I was home because I was too busy with something-I don't remember what. But it was really cool. It reminded me about the concerts I went to for them and their music. I miss those times. Now when I get home, they're going to have so many new things! It will be great! After we rode up to the bike shop to get some minor adjustments to my bike. Then we came home and had lunch, got changed, and did some service for the Thorns who are in our ward. After a couple of hours, we then had dinner with them. Then we ran home, got changed back into our white shirts and ties, and ran to our lesson with Luman. After, we came home and cleaned the apartment, and then we went to bed.

We had district meeting, and Elder Goodman talked about being unashamed on our missions and having faith enough to work towards our legacy. Afterward, we went to a teriyaki place and had lunch as a district. Then we came home and got ready to go visit people, visited a lot of people, then we went to dinner, and we ended our day by visiting more people and going to bed.

I went on an exchange with Mill Creek and had a blast with Elder Erickson! He's a fun missionary. We started the day off with doing service. After we went home, had lunch, comp study, and then got changed to go visit some people. It was a nice sunny day, temperature was warm and everything was going great. Then believe it or not, a thunder storm rolled in unexpectedly, and we didn't have our rain gear with us... so we rode back to the apartment while getting soaked. It wasn't fun, but I lived through it. After we dried everything off, and had dinner with the Ericksons, a family in their ward. Then we came home and rode out to visit more people. After that, I packed up for Elder Goodman to come pick me up. Once home, we went to bed.

We did some weekly planning until Elder Goodman got picked up for a District Leader Training, and I went on an exchange with Elder Davis in Eastmont. It was so weird. The last time I was there, I was on South Whidbey. While I was with Elder Davis, we went and did some work in his area. We taught an investigator, had some fun, and then after Elder Goodman was done, we went to the Eastmont apartment and exchanged back. We rode to dinner with the Wrights, had a good meal, and then came home and chilled and got ready for my exchange with Seattle Hill.

I went on an exchange with Elder Carlisle. It was so much fun!!!! We had been on exchanges in Bellingham, so it was like that all over again, except Elder Maldwin wasn't with us....:'( I'm going to email him and be like "the original clan, but we're missing one..." Anyway, we went and visited a lot of people in our area. We had to run home in the middle of the day to give Elder Trijo Elder Carlisle's second bike because he broke his bike. After, we went back to the area, visited some people, and had dinner. After dinner, we had an investigator drop us (them) from moving on with the lessons, so they lost an investigator... sad. Then we went to Brother Pascett's to see how he was doing and found out Elder Goodman and Elder Stewart were there too! It was pretty funny. After, we rode home, I got packed, and we went back to my own apartment and went to bed.

Elder Hammond and Elder Carlisle
It was fast Sunday so I wore my tie and fasted. (Note from mom: all the boys and Paul have a matching tie they all wear on Fast Sunday, the first Sunday of the month. Just a way to stay connected and think about each other.) I hope you did the same. We went to ward council in the morning. Then after, we went to church and had a good time. However, I wish people would stop bearing storymonies, a testimony is sharing what you know to be true not sharing time. We leave that for after sacrament meeting. After church we took a nap, had our studies, and went to a lesson with our investigator Meckinzie. It went okay. We were going to talk about the rest of the salvation with her, but it turned out to be a conversation, and we didn't talk about it at all. It was sad, but we had to run from that to dinner. After we came home and finished weekly planning because we didn't have time on Friday. Then we went to bed after accounting.

Well, that's my week. No spiritual thought this week. I'll do one next week. Love you all! Have a great week!!

Elder Hammond
Sunset on Silver Lake

Eagle we saw

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