Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 38 We Have Power Over Satan

Hey everyone. Here is the week for you:

So we didn't get Elder Goodman's bike to the bike shop, but we chose to do it on Tuesday. But for the day we went to a fabric store called Joann's and the Mill Creek elders and I got some fabric to make some cool ties. I finished one on Tuesday. It looks awesome. After, the zone leaders ran us over to the stake center to play basketball and email. Then we went and did some shopping, came home, and got ready to go to dinner. After dinner, we went to FHE with the Scolics. Then we came home and went to bed.

We went to go get his bike fixed, but before we left, I got to see Jordan Mason again!!! It was so great, and I met his father. Jordan has changed yet again. He has long hair and a small beard. It was great to see him. We talked for a little bit, and we talked about me meeting the rest of the family again. I met them once but I don't remember them that much anymore. But after that we dropped off the bike and then walked to the Seattle Hills elders' apartment to get a bike for Elder Goodman to ride until his is fixed. The sad part is they were gone and wouldn't be back until later in the day for interviews. So we had to walk all the way back to our apartment just to have lunch, and then walk all the way back to the stake center which took us 3 hours just to do that whole trip. We had interviews which went well. President is doing great, and we were able to figure things out which was great. After interviews, we went to Seattle Hill's apartment again and got Elder Charlisal's road bike, which by the way is a speed demon. I can barely catch up with him when Elder Goodman rides that thing. After getting it, we rode home and rode to dinner. We had a good time, and it lasted the whole night. 

We had district meeting. Then we came home and had lunch. After, we had comp study and planned. Then we went to dinner, and had a good time. I met a sister of some members in the Stillaguamish ward. It was funny because they asked me if I knew them, and I knew who it was. It was the Montgomery family, and I worked with them for a while up there. They are a cool family. After, we had a lesson and more food at the Greenhalls. After we ran home, and it poured on us. Not fun at all!!

We went to the Mowers and visited with them in the morning. They are in the middle of renovating the house so we went to go see how far they have come and if they needed any help. They didn't, so we talked with them and asked how things were going. After visiting with them, we tried to visit some other people, and then came home and did comp study. We had "linner" before we went to the food bank. Then we rode off to the food bank, and after we came home and cleaned the apartment a little. Then bed.

We weekly planned for half the day and picked up Elder Goodman's bike from the bike shop. We had dinner and then visited sister templin and tried to see if she would be coming to church on Sunday. She said she is planning on it, which is good, She is one of our potentials. Then we ran to Lumen's and had a lesson with him, one of our recent converts in the ward. Then we came home and went to bed. 

We planned the day, did some studies, and then went and did some service for the Brimhalls in our ward. It was pretty funny. We went to go move a tree stump that was sitting in the members' garden and, when Elder Goodman and I started to move it, it had been already cut out and so we pushed it away and it just rolled to the fence. It was pretty funny because the member went to the garage to get tools, only to come back and find us already done with it. After seeing that, he then had us dig a trench in the backyard for some gardening barriers he's putting in. We helped him with a project inside that involved some water damage leaks. That was a lot of fun. We got to cut sheet rock and find where the leak was on the roof. After that, he took us home, and we had lunch and comp study. Then we went and had a lesson with our investigator McKenzie on the plan of salvation. It went really well for my first lesson in like 8 weeks... that's hard to say. After the lesson, we then visited some other people and then headed home to have dinner with Todd Aggard. We had an open day this month, and so we just asked him if he would like to have dinner with us, and he said he would love to. We went to a place called Blazing Onion, and it was super good. I had a hamburger with a fried egg, the patty, bacon, lettuce, cheese, and onions with fry-sauce in the middle of it. We had a good time with Todd. He's a good man and really is open with everyone. He loves getting to know people, and has gone through a lot in his life to explain how to get over trials and temptations, which helps me a lot because I go through hard times to where my faith gets shaken. He talked about how a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus, and his restoration on this earth, will save you from temptation and will help you when you feel down. This is true! When you have a strong testimony, you will stand tall, and you will have the power as it says in the scriptures: "... and her seed (Adam's seed) will have power to bruise thy head." We have the power to either let Satan into our lives, or simply cast him out, and we should always cast him out of our thoughts and minds. After, we then went to the bishop's and had a meeting with him. Then we went home and went to bed.

We went to church and had a good turn out. We had a lot of nonmembers there. Then after we went home and had lunch, did our studies, and rode off to visit some people. After, we went to dinner and had Navajo tacos. It was really good. It reminded me of home. The cool thing was the people we had dinner with watch Psych! So I was making references all night from the show, but they didn't catch any of them! It made me sad. I also heard from them that its not on Netflix anymore!!!! I have no Idea what I'm going to do when I get home!!! I'm going to go insane!!!! Haha jk. After having dinner, we went home and went to bed. 

Well that's it for me this week. I'll talk to you all next week. Love you all! Bye!!!

Elder Hammond

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