Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 51 Keep Praying For Us

Hello everyone! It's been an okay week here, but that's okay. I hope... anyways here is the week:

We went to Fort Casey with a recent convert and Monroe. We had tons of fun. We played a game which involved one of us to go hide in the fort and the other two teams to go find the hiders. Once we found them, we had to hide with them until the other team came and found us. That took up the whole day pretty much because of traveling and other things, but we had lots of fun. After, we went to try to go see people, but every person we went to see was not home, or they were not interested in hearing the gospel. So after, we went home and went to bed.

We did some service at the senior center. Then we went to Lake Tye to see if a potential was there, but she was not. We went to go see a referral, but she wasn't there either, so we just went home and had lunch, did our comp study, then went and visited some people. After, we had dinner, then we went back to visiting people. Then we had a meeting with Bishop about the ward and who to go see. Then we came home and went to bed.

We went on an exchange with Woods Creek. We had district meeting and Elder Black talked about teaching to an investigator's needs and how to have the spirit to always be with us. After, we then had lunch, comp. study, and then we went to help Monroe with service, which that took a while. Then we went and helped Daniel with hay bails. That took up the rest of the night. After, we went home and exchanged back.

We went to the mission office to pick up our new car. They gave us the assistants' Malibu for a little while until our Rav 4 comes in in the next 3 weeks. It's funny because we were supposed to get one then but the assistants stole it from us 😢😑😫 but we'll survive, hopefully.... The Malibu not enough wheel power for our area, but it's really fun to drive, great car, it's our new toy. Anyways, after being there for a while, we then had lunch in Everett at Costco. Then we came home and did some work in the area. Then we had dinner with the Wards. After we finished the night with seeing people.

We had the food bank, and then we went to my appointment in Lake Stevens. Then we came home and had lunch. After, we did some service for a potential investigator, and we wanted to try to teach the first discussion, but it turns out they really weren't interested. So we went home and got ready for dinner with the Tates and ended the night with seeing people.

We visited a lot of people but we didn't have a lot of luck with teaching them. We had service with Woods Creek and dinner with them too. Then we went home and tried to see as many people as we could. Nothing else there.

We had church, and we weekly planned and ended the night with accounting. Not a lot of time to go see people.

So that's the week for you. Not much. Please keep us in your prayers! We are trying to get new investigators and nothing is coming out of all the work we are doing. It's actually really sad and a little boring. Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a good rest of the week. Bye!!

Elder Hammond

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