Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 50 Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey everyone. It's been a long week and not a lot happened. I'm going to Fort Casey in a little bit, so let's get to it.

We celebrated my birthday by emailing and playing tennis, did a little shopping, and that was it really. We had a lot of fun with Monroe elders. We also had my birthday cake then and just had a blast. We were going to go golfing and Frisbee golfing, but we couldn't get those set up, sadly. After all the fun, we went and had dinner and then went and saw some people. At the end of the night, we came home and went to bed.

The day off my birthday, we went to go see some people in the morning, and then for my birthday lunch we went to the Maltby cafe. It's a really good restaurant but really expensive. We  both got some french dip sandwiches and really big cinnamon rolls that were really good. It took me 3 days to finish it. After lunch, we went and found a park to go do comp study. Then we drove off to go see some more people before our lesson with the Bells. After, we went to our lesson and found out they were going to cancel on us because their mother was coming down to see them, and they didn't want her to interrupt us with all the questions she could ask. I was okay with that if she had questions, but it's what they wanted. Well, after talking for a little while with them on the front porch, they gave me a cake for my birthday, and we talked for a little bit. Then the husband came home at that time, and they found out that the mother wouldn't be there until an hour later, so they let us in to have a lesson with them. We taught about the Book of Mormon, and they really like it. They asked a lot of questions, read ahead instead of reading along with us, so it worked out really well. After the lesson, we then ran home to have dinner. After, we went on a walk with Izzy to plan out today.

We had district meeting, and Elder Black talked about recognizing the spirit and spiritual revelations. After district meeting, we then went and had lunch back at the apartment. Then we went on our bikes and went and saw people close by. We had a lesson with a less active family named the Koskies. They seemed really nice, and they would come to church if they weren't working on Sundays, so we set up home teachers for him Sunday and told him that we would be over there to visit him until he got some. After, we went to go see more people, had dinner, and then went to bed after dinner.

We planned and that took a little while because we were doing a blitz with the zone leaders. After planning, we met up with the zone leaders and did some work in two parts of our area. I went with Elder Dayton, and we went to go see some people that were below where we live. We went to see some potentials and also tracted a street. The street we tracted had some big hills, so we were both tired after the hike. Then we drove back and switched back. Then we went and saw some people out down by Maltby, went to dinner, and then came back home and saw some people close by. Then came home and ended the night.

We worked at the food bank. Then after, we had interviews, but Woods Creek told us the wrong place to be at and so we drove all the way to Lake Stevens to then drive back to Snohomish and be late for our interviews. After talking with president, we then came home and had comp study and dinner. Then we weekly planned, and that was really all we did.

We did some service for a less active in our ward. We helped split some wood for him. That was a lot of fun. Then we came home, got changed, and had comp study, finished weekly planning, and cooked some ribs for the dinner we had that night with Monroe elders. Then we went on a walk with Izzy to have the other elders meet her. Then we all went home and went to bed.

We had church for most of the day. Then we went to dinner, visited the Zittings, and then went to see one more person before we had to be in for the night, but nothing came out of that.

Well that's it for the week. I hope you all had a good week, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye!!

Elder Hammond

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