Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 49 Happy Birthday, Elder Hammond!

Hey everyone. It's been an okay week, so here is the week.

So Monday was a long day. We started with emailing. Then we went to the mission office to get a dent fixed on our car, which took a really long time to fix. After, we drove all the way to Snohomish to play with the rest of the zone at the soccer dome. It was a lot of fun. After, we drove back to Maltby and played volleyball with Izzy, a recent convert, and some of the youth in the ward. After, we ran home, got changed, and had dinner with the Allans. We had a good time. They made Hawaiian haystacks!! It reminded me of home a lot. Then after, we went and visited some people and then came home to end the night.

We helped at the senior center for an hour. After, we then had lunch and got change to go and help move hay barrels. We get to Danial's and found out that Tom, her husband, had "blown" the engine in their truck while pulling the hay. The reason for the quotes is we found out that he didn't blow it, but the belt in the engine broke and so the engine shut off. So instead, we helped move horses and groomed some of them. Then we came home, got changed, and had dinner. After dinner, we went and tried to see a couple of people, but no one really opened up. So we went home and went to bed.

We had district meeting and Elder Black talked about comp unity and how to teach in unity. After district meeting, we had lunch at Hot Iron. After, we came home and had comp study, and then we put our bikes on the bike rack and went and saw people close by on our bikes before we went to go help Danial. It's really nice to have a bike rack on our car. I'll miss it when we get a new car this week. Then we went and helped Danial with her hay for real this time. We had dinner with her. After we came back, and I went on an exchange with Elder Black.

Elder Black and I had a fun time on our exchange. We first had to go fill out an accident report because their car got backed into the night before at a dinner. After doing that, we went and saw some people in his area. Then we came back to their apartment, had lunch, then comp study, and then we went and saw more people. We had dinner, saw more people, and then went back home to pack and exchange back.

We helped at the food bank and then ran off to Lake Stevens thinking my appointment was at 12, but it was actually at 1. We still did it then anyways. After, we drove back home and had lunch. Then personal study, and then comp study. Then we ran off to pick up dinner from a member and had it back at the apartment. After, we ran to Taco Bell for weekly planning. Then we went and saw some people and then came home to go to bed.

Saturday was bike day too. We went and saw as many people as we could in the morning and did some street contacting. Then we had lunch, comp study, and then went to the library to print off a progress record. After, we came home and got changed to help someone in the Monroe ward move some heavy chicken coops. They fed us dinner. Then after, they took us home, and we went to go see two more people before ending the night. One was busy at the time so we couldn't talk. Another we were checking up on because he wasn't at church for two Sundays, and the ward started getting worried, but he told us that he was out of town for a couple of days and now will be back for church. After, we went home and went to bed.

We went to the church, made copies of the progress record, had ward correlation meeting, and then went into ward council. After, we had church. Then we went home to get changed and go to dinner. After having dinner with the Davises, we went and saw some people trying to get at least one new investigator last night, but we couldn't find one. So we came in for the night, and Elder Black accounted with us.

Well, that's it for last week. Today I am going to celebrate my birthday with all fun activities and stuff because tomorrow it's back to work. Love you all, and I'll send pics home from today. Bye!

Elder Hammond

pics below are Elder Black and me on our exchange and me opening my gifts today!

Elder Hammond and Elder Black

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