Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week 22 Kurtzer Family Baptism

Well, what a week this has been! People left. I got a new companion, and we had 3 baptisms this week. It was awesome!!! So let's get to it.

We did normal p-day stuff like email, shopping, basketball, and packing Elder Stoddard's bags... 😢😢

Elder Stoddard said goodbye to a lot of members, and we went off to transfers. I picked up my new companion, Elder Soelberg, who was with Elder Lindsey in Port Gardener. It's funny though because Elder Lindsey was Elder Poulsen's companion 2 transfers ago. Elder Soelburg is way fun and way cool. The Lord has blessed me with really cool companions, and guess what? Elder Kirk is my zone leader again!! He was one of my companions in Bellingham. It's so cool! After getting him, I took him to a burger joint in our area for his first dinner, and he loved it. Then we went and introduced him to members, and they really liked it.

We had district meeting, visited members, went to find people, tried to have lessons, but we only had one lesson that day with Kelly. We taught her the law of tithing and tried to get her back on date with the 21st. She said she will pray about it. We haven't heard from her since, so I don't know what's going on with her. We gave Lydia a blessing and taught her about it We had the Kurtzer's baptism interviews which went way longer then needed... We were late getting home that night. but that's ok.

We went on an exchange with Elder Jensen. It was a lot of fun to 3 pack again. We went and got a lot of member referrals, and we went to talk to a lot of people to try to have lessons. We had a fun day. Elder Jensen is a super fun elder.

We went and helped at the food bank. Then we dropped wood off for Lydia. We tried to have a lesson with someone, but when we got there, no one was home... it made us mad because she said she would be there, and the situation could have been handled better when we talked to her on Thursday, but oh well. We had a lesson with the Kurtzer's to finish all the lessons off with them, and then we sized them for their jumpers for their baptism!!!!

We dunked the Kurtzer family, and I baptized them with Elder Stoddard. We helped at the old folks place, went to Darrington, and had a lesson with Alex Deval, an old former that we picked up again for an investigator. Then we went to visit some people, got referrals from the Mauldins, and went home so we could study and end the day.

We confirmed the Kurtzers. I was able to do that. We went to church, did weekly planning, and that was it for the rest of the day. 

Sorry it's a little short, but I hope everyone is doing well at home. Tell Elder Stoddard's family that their son was an awesome missionary, and I miss him dearly. Love you all, and have a good day!

Elder Hammond

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