Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 17 Remember God Loves You

Hey everyone. I am just so full with the spirit today. So much that my soul delighted to tell you everything!! This week has been a really good week, and Washington is getting ready for Christmas. There are so many lights, and it's snowing today!!! That's like the first time in so long. I'm so excited!! So let's get right to it!!! 
We had a good p-day. We emailed, went shopping, and then worked out at the SAC. It's a place where you go to work out, and it's free for Mormon missionaries. That's the one thing I love about Washington. There are so many members that own places, and so we get cool discounts and stuff like that. It's awesome!! Then for the rest of the day we played board games and visited some people, as well had a ward FHE. It was a good day!!

I went on an exchange with Elder Wake, our new roomy, and we had a good time. We got a lot of work done and used a lot of miles. Sadly, as missionaries we don't get a lot of miles to use. We almost went over this week for the month, but thanks to members giving us rides, we were able to  keep it under!! We had a good exchange, and I learned a lot from Elder Wake.

Wednesday we had a good day. It started off with district meeting, and Elder Stoddard instructed us on how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul, and I learned so much from that instruction. Then we helped a sister in the ward that is not a member with putting up some Christmas lights, and then we had a lesson with Lydia, which was interesting. We asked her to pray about the Book of Mormon, and she said, "No." It shocked me and my companion. We asked why, and she told us, "I don't think the Lord loves me enough to give me an answer to my prayers. I've done some things in my life that aren't  good in this life so how could God love me if I've done all these things?" That response broke my heart! 💔💔💔 At the time, I knew how to answer that question. She didn't like the answer we gave her, but I know as we continue to teach her, she will be able to soften her heart. We also had lessons with Kelly and Barbra, Mike, and Chris, and they went well. 

We visited a lot of people. That's it.

We went to the food bank and helped them there. Then we did some weekly planning, had a lesson with Kelly, and went to the ward Christmas dinner. Then we exchanged with the Spanish elders.

The exchange was so much fun. I haven't been in a Spanish area for like 8 weeks, and it was so much fun!! I can't wait for the next one. We visited a lot of investigators and had lessons with two. Of course, Elder Torp did all the talking. I sat there nodding my head in agreement. It was so much fun.

We had church and had a good time. We got a new ward mission leader and had dinner with him last night. We also got to watch the devotional at their house. I loved it so much! Oh, and P.S., I saw MRich (Mrs. Richardson) three times in the choir. I hadn't seen her ever since she quit from Copper Hills, so it was good to see she is still doing good. But ya, after that, we finished weekly planning and then that was the end of the week.

Brothers and Sisters, my spiritual thought this week is remember that God loves each and every one of us. Remember, he has a plan for all of us, and you can't forget it. If you are planning on serving a mission, I'm telling you with everything I know, please do it!! It is the best experience anyone could ever have! I am a living witness of Jesus Christ and his miracles on this earth. I have seen what He can do for many that just come unto Him, and we all can come unto Him! Remember, He loves us all, and you can stand with Mormon when he says, "Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people that they may have everlasting life." I know that this is true, and I know that He lives. I know that we can achieve that in our lives, and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

Elder Hammond

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