Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 32 Another Week on Whidbey Island

Hello! It's been a good week, and I hope I can fit it all in the time I have. Let's get to it.

We emailed, and then we went to Everett and did some shopping. We had a good time at the mall while the other elders went shopping for fun stuff. I haven't shopped for anything there yet which makes me happy because I really want to save money, After, we traveled back to the island and had dinner. Then we tried to visit some people, but we didn't have a whole lot of luck.

We went back to Everett to have interviews with President Wilding. They went well. We had lunch at BW's (Buffalo Wild Wings), and then we went back to the island and visited people. Dinner came right after that. After, we visited some more people and then went to bed.

We went back again to Everett to have district meeting. We had lunch from Subway. Then we came home and cleaned the apartment because we didn't have time on Monday. Then we found where one of our investigators, from the last elder's, lived because they did not leave any notes where they lived. We had dinner, and then we went and visited more people.

We did some service at a thrift store on the island. Then we went and saw a referral that was given to us. After we had lunch Elder Addington took a nap to regain his sleep. Then we had dinner and went to visit a less active. I can't pronounce his name, but it's so sad sometimes why and how some people become less active. He said he would never come back to church, and as hard as we tried, we couldn't get him back. He reads the Bible, but he does not read the Book of Mormon anymore. We didn't find out why, but we could see he had lost his testimony. I hope and pray that people like him can find what they lost. To have that happiness again in their life, can make their lives so peaceful.

We weekly planned, Elder Addington napped, and we visited some people and had a good dinner.

We did some service for Jake that lasted almost the whole day.

We had church and had a good session. Then we had lunch. After, I studied while Elder Addington had a nap. Dinner came around. Then we went on splits with a priest named Cameron Asay. We visited some people with him. Then we gave him back to his family and went home to account.

Well, that's it for this week. I hope you all are doing well, and I'll see you soon.

Elder Hammond

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