Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 31 Sunsets and Mail

Hey everyone!! It's been an okay week, but let's get to it.

We went to Everett and did some shopping and emails, and then we went on an exchange with the Eastmont Ward elders. It was fun. It lasted until Wednesday.

I went with Elder Kuble riding bikes around in Eastmont. We visited a lot of people and tried to get some lessons for the day, but we didn't have a whole lot of luck. We did have a really good lesson with one of their investigators, and he is super solid. I wish we had people like him, but the work on the island is a little harder. We had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings which was so good!! I really like that place, and I didn't know what I was missing out on. They have some amazing food, and all of our food was half off which was way good because we live on the cheap life. Then I had an interview with President for some stress help. Everything is good now.

We had district meeting. Then we went back to the island and did some work, but it was really hard to because Elder Addington needed some rest and the ferry takes out a good chunk of our day. We did what we could. I got a lot of letters too, and so that's what some of the pics are from.

We had service opportunities that fell through because it was raining, so we did some other things. We didn't do much because we had to keep our miles down, and that was hard. We're already past where we need to be because of p-day, hair cuts, and stuff like that. The island is big, but we have so little to work with it's really sad. We had dinner with Brother La'mongtan. He is super intelligent and knows a lot about church history. I felt like he was teaching us a lesson, not us teaching him one. But I liked it. It was cool.

We weekly planned and did service. That's about it. It took the whole day to do those things.

We helped someone move to their new home. She had tons of stuff, so much stuff it took five U-haul loads to move her stuff to her new house. I'm still sore from all the heavy lifting, but we had a good time.

We had 3 investigators come to church, and they stayed for 2 hours. It was great! They really like it, but it's hard. We haven't had a lesson with them for 3 weeks because they are so busy, but we keep trying!! That's all we can do. We also fasted for the mission to have 31 baptisms this month. We will keep praying for our ward to find and teach and put people on date. I have no clue if we can even make it to that much for the whole mission, however, I'll keep praying. The rest of the day we slept, studied, had dinner, and visited some people. It worked out well.

Well that's it for this week. I hope everything goes well with you all, and I'll talk to you again soon. Shout out to the Broughs for their letters this week! You made me really happy for it. I wasn't sure you got my letter until then, so thank you for responding!! Love you all. Bye.

Elder Hammond

Pics of the sunsets in south Whidbey and me being goofy with all the mail I have.

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