Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 27 Farewell Stillaguamish and Darrington

I never thought this day would come this quick, but brothers and sisters, I am transferring from Stillaguamish Ward!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔😨😢😨😨😨😑 I am not happy, but I'm willing to leave if that's where the Lord wants me to go. Let me share what happened this week, and what I will be doing today in my departure from these two good areas.

Elder Hammond's District

It snowed so we were grounded from our cars. We had to walk everywhere. 😢  We couldn't email because the library was closed, so we walked to get lunch at a place like the Pizza Pie Cafe in Utah. It was pretty good, and we had fun there. Then we walked to Arlington's apartment, my old apartment, and we played games for the rest of the night. Then we went to dinner and had a good time. We came home and did some area book work because we couldn't do anything else... but that's ok.

We visited some people. I emailed you all, and then we we visited some other people and had dinner. That is all I remember.

We had district meeting and talked about the broadcast and more about making commitments. Then we talked about some other things like having charity for the people we teach. After we had district meeting, we visited some people and had a lesson with Lydia. We helped her realize again that God does love her, and the way she can learn that for herself is if she looks to Him in prayer, reads the scriptures, and goes to church. She felt alone, and I knew exactly what she was feeling because I felt that not too long ago, but because the Savior has made an influence in my life, I know He is with me as I serve and look to Him. She can feel the same if she can just build her faith. She's not my investigator to influence any more, but I did what I had to to try to help here. Never have I felt more Christ-like love for any one except my investigators, my family, and my close friends, so I tried my hardest, and now it's someone else's turn. Later in the day, we had a really good lesson with Kelly, and she feels she can be ready for baptism on March 28th because she prayed about it. She feels that can be her day, and I agree, so we will see how that works out. Then we went home.

We visited a lot of people in Darrington, taught seminary, and had all of our lessons fall through. We had 18 inches of snow to drive through with our jeep. 😃 That was fun. Man, I'm going to miss that car!!

We went to the food bank, did weekly planning, and had dinner with members. 

We went and helped with the old folks, visited some people, and found two potentials in a place where there was no work to do in our area!! It made me so happy. Then we went home and had dinner and had a good rest of the day.

My last day of church was amazing! It was a normal day of church. We had Kelly come to church, and she is going to come to FHE tonight and have dinner with us. Then we had a steak dinner with the Baldarases, which is funny because we had dinner with them my first day here, and now they fed me one more time before I left. Interesting! I also got to jam on the guitar with their son before i left. It was so much fun!!. 

I am playing ultimate Frisbee with my district one last time, and then I am saying goodbye to as many members as I can before tomorrow because I love this ward so much!!! I can't believe I'm leaving them. I don't know how badly this will affect me, but I know it's putting a big impact on my life. I will forever have a spot in my heart for this ward, and I will miss them dearly, like Bellingham is in my heart.
Farewell Stillaguamish and Darrington!!! Forever you will be in my heart!!!!

Elder Hammond

Elder Soelberg and Elder Hammond with the Mauldins from Darrington
Some of his favorite people in the area.

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