Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 4 A Note From Bellingham

Hello everyone from Bellingham, Washington!!!!
Yes, that is where I've been assigned, and it's been great so far!!! I love it here. The area is so beautiful, and everyone here is so kind. Some are more then others.... anyways, so I'll share what happened the last two weeks you didn't hear from me.

At the Provo Temple
MTC District
Last week in the MTC:
So my last week in the MTC, I had several classes, dull food, and long days of work, but it was all worth it cause I was learning how to serve the Lord in the best way I can. I loved having Elder Roche at my side the whole time for the rest of the last week, but now that we're not together anymore, I miss him. That's ok though. He is with a better companion and trainer than I probably was a companion for him. On the last week, we had a day called in-field training day where all we did was sit in a classroom for the whole day learning what the field was going to be like, how to find people to teach, and how to plan. Even though that day was so boring, and I just wanted to fall asleep, it worked out so well!!!!! I am using everything they taught me there, and it's been working in what I need to do out here. Our last Sunday at the MTC was great. They had a farewell devotional and a regular one where the guy that made all The Districts came and spoke to us. If you all wanted to know for your missionary peeps, District 3 is coming out soon for everyone to see. So ya, Monday came by, and we mostly used that day for packing, saying goodbye to our district, and learning how to street contact. A pretty fun and long day at the same time. Tuesday was the big day when I left the MTC with Elder Roche and headed to Washington. We had to wake up really early like 2:30 to make sure we were out of the MTC for our flight. I got to call home which was great, and it sounds like everyone is doing fine at home, which is good. Then ya I left Utah to embark on my 2 year mission.

This week!!:
When I touched down in Seattle, we all went out of the plane and met the mission president, President Wilding!! Great man! His wife is wonderful as well, as far as I can tell for as much as I got to meet them. I'm super far away from them. They gave us our assignments and our trainers, and I was so lucky to be trained by zone leaders from the Bellingham YSA Ward...... what!!! right?? So ya, I'm in a trio and... I don't know how or why God put me in a situation like this. Elder Kirk and Elder Manzione are great elders and have been out for a long time now. When you're in a trio, it's really hard to adjust to the mission because the two trainers have been together for so long that when you are put into the pack you have barely any room to talk..... which is a really big strength for me to talk to people. I think God is trying to show me that waiting is a virtue and is needed a ton of the time you're out here. You know that P word I don't ever Have or Do (Patience). But they help me so much, and I've learned so much from them already. Our investigators are all on track and are on their way for baptism which is really good and none of my doing. But we are getting new investigators as we speak. We already got three new investigators, so ya, pretty great. There's not a lot of sun up here though, but it's still just gorgeous up here...better then staring at a dry dessert for half of my life if i do say so myself. The YSA Ward is different then what I'm use to, but I like it. Everyone is so friendly and nice, and I couldn't be happier.

Well now that you learned it all, i hope everyone at home is doing great and just to let you all know I've been running all over my mission. When you have zone leaders as your trainers, they take you all over the place, and it can be pretty fun at times. But ya, we've done tons of tracting, and I loved it all. I'm having a great time, and I hope you are all too.

For those who are going to serve a mission and don't know what its like, please before you leave talk with an RM because once you get out here it's all going to hit you in the face faster then a jet plane can break the sound barrier. I love you all and miss you all and wish you the best!!! So long.

-Elder Hammond

Additional info from this week's email to Elder Hammond's Mom:

Bellingham is great. I forgot to include in my email that we are living with a member. Her name is Sister P, and she's great! She makes every single meal for us!!! So I don't have to use my mission funds that much.................. funny, huh? I'm not roughing it. She does everything for us...feeds us, cleans for us, washes our clothes. It's nothing close to roughing it. I'm living in the Celestial Kingdom as many missionaries say, and the President. I am so freaking spoiled, and I love it, but I know in my next transfer it's going to hit me so hard in the face that when I need food I'm not going to have so much. But I'll have so much money for food saved up I won't have to worry so much...... anyways, that's my mission life. And ya, I've already had one door slammed in my face. But that's it, so far. I hope this week goes well, and I'll write again soon.

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