Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 5 A Note About the Weather, Investigators, and P-Days

So week 2 in Bellingham and I'm doing just fine. My companions are zone leaders, and we do a lot of work for the zone. We have to run around Bellingham a ton, but I enjoy it because it helps me learn, and they teach me so much. Being in a trio is hard. You don't get a lot of say in a lessons a lot of the time, and you take different approaches to different things. For instance, in studies you don't have just you and your companion talking things out. You have two voices from both sides of you giving their own opinions and thoughts. It can be hard sometimes, but I get through it. 

One thing I love about Bellingham is that it doesn't rain a whole lot up here. There are several overcast days but not very much rain. We also have several bays and lakes many I can't count, and this last p-day we went to one of them. I can't remember what the name was, but there was a park that overlooked it, and it was so beautiful!! I love this place so much. Bellingham also is so alive. I've never seen so many trees in my life, and everywhere you go is a forest and is so beautiful. 

If there is one thing I've learned with my mission is you never have time to study for yourself. You're always studying for all your investigators and how to help them learn more. This week we had so many lessons and new investigators. I can't believe how many members we had with us and how high our numbers are. They are way above standard, and I feel pretty accomplished in my life. Our investigators are great and almost all of them are on date for baptism. We have one who is getting baptized next Saturday, and I'll make sure to get pics from that for you all to see, but ya, that's it for baptisms. My investigators names are Ivy, Zack, Jacob, Kristena, Inyoung, Matthew, Rainbow,(don't ask why, but she picked that name when she was 3) and Henry. They all have great potential but some are more or less then others. I love our investigator Zack! He is so solid, and it's so funny how we found him. My first Sunday here and Zack walks into church. We thought he was a member because he was all dressed up and looking nice, and we went up to greet him. We learned what his name was and stuff, and then we just let him go right into sacrament meeting. After the service, Jacob was sitting right next to him and said, "Ok so this is where we do Gospel Principles for the next hour," and Zack was like, "What is that?" and to our shock we found out that he was not a member, but his whole family is, and he wanted to be baptized. So we got him as a new investigator. We didn't even have to tell him to read the Book of Mormon after the first lesson. His girlfriend who leaves for a mission soon told him about the BOM and invited him to read it. When we asked him how far he's at it surprised us all that he was in Mosiah 8. It's funny how the Lord's work works sometimes in a missionary's life. Sometimes he makes it easy on us, or sometimes it's really hard. Like this last week I got to feel what it was like to drop my first investigator. Not cool, but he really didn't want to learn anything about the church, just about what was in the Book of Mormon and the science behind it. Once he noticed that our message was centered around Christ and church, he made no effort in wanting us to come any more, so he didn't stay up to commitments, and when we asked if he would like us to come by any more his answer was no. But with him I knew it was going to happen so i wasn't so worried. 

I love my district and my zone. We get along so well and do so many fun things. Like last Monday we went to a park that overlooked the bay, played football, and looked around and took pics at the bay. I really enjoyed that, and I took pics for everyone to see.

I have two sisters that I know that went to Copper Hills when I was in my junior year. Their names are Sister Hoch and Sister Stokes. It's been great to see them again and spend more time with them as friends, and Sister Hoch serves with me and my companions in the YSA ward. We have loads of fun. My district is great and, I really get along with them.

I'm almost done with my package candy that you guys sent to me, and I'm glad you did cause it's always great when I need a snack. I'm working on getting rid of the Apple Jacks, but it's hard cause I get fed my meals..... definitely not roughing it. I'm so spoiled, but I'm ok with that. It's saving me so much money.

Anyway, I think that's it for me from last week. I don't know what we're doing today, but I'll tell you next time. 

My spiritual thought today is to seek remembering what is important in life, whether it's family or friends or even memories. Keep them close and remember them always, and don't forget what you've learned in church about our Heavenly Father. He remembers everything, and if we cherish the things we love most about the gospel, the Lord will show us tender mercies in this life and the life to come. Have faith always and remember what Christ has done for us. He is our redeemer and savior!! I love him dearly, and I hope we all reach out to others in love and a compassionate way. Remember the good in your life and show the same to others. Remember 3 Nephi 5: 13 "I am a disciple of Jesus Christ," and we all are, and we should see others to be as well. I pray that we seek for Him in our lives and in others, that we may come closer to Him. It's my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

- Elder Hammond

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