Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 36 Reunion with All My Comps

Hey everyone. This week was great, so let's get to it.

So Monday was my 8th month mark since I entered the MTC which is exciting. I'm almost to my year mark, just 4 months away. But what we did for the day we first got ready for p-day! Then we rode our bikes to the stake center to email. It was more like the others emailing and us sitting and talking with them because we really had nothing to do. 11 o'clock rolled around, and it was our turn to email. So we did, and it was great. I got lots of emails. We emailed for 3 and a half hours, well Elder Goodman did. I was waiting for him to get done after the 2 hour mark, but that's okay. He was applying to go to BYU. So hopefully that all works. Elder Goodman has 9 more weeks left in his mission, so he's really trying to figure our where he wants to go. He and I have been talking a lot of options over, but he's still deciding and trying to figure out what the Lord wants him to do, which is good. The one thing I hate about all of this college talk is that its making me think more and more about collage, and I still have a year and a half of my mission to go. That was the sad part about last transfer too. Elder Addington is in the same boat, and he's been looking up colleges too. If Elder Goodman doesn't get into BYU, he's going to go to Grand Canyon University. It sounds like a cool place, but I hope he goes to BYU. It's a cool place. I've thought about it and if I want to later down the rode. I have an interest in going to BYUI, but I'm not going to think about that until June 2018. Those two elders really have been getting me thinking about it, so I've been wondering what I want to do and if computer science is really the thing I want to do... I'm still deciding, but that's okay. I've got time to think. After emailing, we went shopping and got some lunch and came back to the stake center. Then Elder Goodman went and played hand ball while I sat and ate my lunch. They had a good time, and it looked like everything went well. After, we went back to the computer room and Elder Goodman finished up his application to BYU. Then we went home to head to dinner with the Winns in our ward. After, we came home and did some street contacting, but no luck. So after a little while we came home and got ready for bed.

We had Zone Conference which was so much fun!!! We were combined with the Marysville zone and the Arlington zone, and it made me so happy because both of my first trainers were there, Elder Kirk and Elder Manzione which I haven't had them both in a zone conference with me ever since B-ham. A lot of my B-ham pals were there too. Elder Soelberg is still in Stillaguamish with the Jeep! We still talk to each other every p-day. I ask how Kelly is doing and how the area is doing, even if the jeep is holding up, which it is, but it's getting replaced soon. I also saw a lot of the old Arlington zone, the original clan I call it. I miss that zone so much! It's crazy to think I had all my past companions at that zone conference except Elder Stoddard, He's in Bellingham right now on bike, and he goes home this transfer, which is so weird because it felt like I was with him just yesterday, killing it in Stilly!! Now I don't get to see him when he goes home :( but I bet I'll see him again sometime soon. We'll see. Zone conference was good. We had President pick us up from Everett along with some other elders. He took us to Arlington in a big van. After Zone Conference, we came back, and we had our studies, dinner, and did some street contacting. Then it was time for bed.
Elder Hammond and Elder Soelberg with the Jeep
Elder Hammond and Elder Barlow-worked together in Bellingham
Elder Stoddard's tie
Wearing Elder Stoddard's tie in honor of him

We had district meeting which was the craziest, unfocused, most interesting one I've had in my whole mission so far. Everyone was so unfocused, and it didn't help that the instruction was the reason people where becoming unfocused. It was a great instruction. I loved it, but every person in my district is always joking around and if something seems boring, they'll look for something more fun. The instruction was on what is the doctrine, principle, and application about missionary work. Elder Bednar gave a talk about it in the MTC some time ago. Good talk, takes a while to understand, but I'm getting there. After, we then came home and had lunch. Then we went into comp study. Shortly after, we went and visited some people for a while before dinner. We saw President drive past us in his truck while we were out. He honked at us :). After dinner, we then booked it to correlation meeting with our ward mission leader. After that, we then went to bishop's house to discuss what's going to happen the next day for a lesson they set up for us. Then we hurried home and went to bed. 

Thursday was an interesting day. We got ready for the day, studied, planned, then went out to go visit some people. We have a lot of dirt trails in our area, and one big power line road that cuts through our area, and we use that power line road almost every day, which is great. I like biking down dirt paths. We had some at home that Tyler and I went on when I was home. But the sad part was as we were exploring that trail, Elder Goodman's chain on his bike fell off and got stuck between the wheel and the sprocket. So after taking the wheel off and trying to get the chain out, he tugged and pushed so much that the d-railer hanger got bent so he couldn't put his wheel back on. It was not fun at all, and the chain was still stuck. So he couldn't ride it home to get it fixed, and we were about two miles away from our apartment, so he had to carry it the whole way back. I would have helped him, but I had my own bike to worry about, and he's a strong elder. He did it all by himself. It took us an hour to get home because he had to take several breaks in between. Once home though he tried to bend the hanger back to its original spot, but shortly after trying for a little while, he gave up and we walked up to the bike store to pick him up a new one. $25 later, he's got a new hanger for his bike. That whole thing took up half of our day, and we were both really tired. We then had to hurry over to the food bank to help them. Around 5:30 we ran home to put Elder Goodman's light on his bike, had dinner, and ran over to bishop's to teach a lesson, but right as we got there, we got a text message saying that their friend didn't show up. It made both of us pretty sad. Thursday was not the greatest day for this week. Afterward, we went to the relief society president's house and told her who we had met of the new move ins she wanted us to go see. Then we headed home and went to bed.
Elder Goodman and Elder Hammond riding the trails near home

We weekly planned for most of the day and then visited people.

I went on an exchange with the zone leaders. Elder Semidedi came to our area, and I stayed here. It was an interesting exchange. We did some good work, but by the end we said some rough things to each other. He wanted to do everything his way, not knowing what I wanted or what we had to do. So I told him that he can't do that and that he has to consider my opinion too. Even though he has been out longer then me, he needed to understand because his own companion was not telling him. But that's okay. We visited some people, did some service for nonmembers, and attended the adult session of stake conference. It was good. We didn't have a 70 there, but we had the stake president there. The spirit was there, It worked out great. After, we went home and ended the day.

We had stake conference. Nothing really changed except South Whidbey is becoming its own stake with the rest of the island which will be good for them so they don't have to ride the ferry all the time. After, we went and did an exchange with Mill Creek because Elder Erickson was sick. So I stayed with him while the elders worked in Mill Creek. Then we came back together and came home to have a small snack. Then we visited some people and went to dinner with the Hammonds. We had a great time. They fed us crepes. Then we came home and studied, accounted, and went to bed.

Well that's the week for you all. I hope you enjoyed your Easter. I did. Have a great week, and I'll see you all soon.

Elder Hammond

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