Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 9 My Last Week in Bellingham

It makes me sad to say that... I really like Bellingham, and I'm going to miss it so much!!!! I'm transferring tomorrow!! I just found out today, like 10 minutes ago. I'm not happy about it, but it's what happens right? Elder Manezione is transferring too, but I don't know where yet until tomorrow. I'm pretty sad about it. It's like the celestial kingdom out here, and now I'm leaving my spoiled life and going to somewhere else in an actual ward. I'm going to miss my YSA ward back in Bellingham. I just said goodbye to them yesterday, and I'm saying goodbye to them tonight at FHE... It's not fun. I've gained such a bond with them this first transfer, and I won't see them again unless I get reassigned as zone leader in Bellingham. I don't know for sure if I'm leaving Bellingham, but I have a pretty strong feeling I am. Elder Kirk and Elder Manezione have been great companions, and it's sad I have to say goodbye to both my mission fathers (that's a thing we call each other on our missions. Justin and Dad may know what I'm talking about) I'm getting a new trainer in a new ward, and I'm leaving the humble living quarters of Sister P..... but that's ok. My camera battery died so I'll have to send you pictures of her next week. The family will know where I go in the letter the church sends out before I can tell you all, but on that note, lets get to the week, shall we?

So I'm not going to go with the weekly procedure like I always do, but I'm going to point out the highlights, One reason why is because I've got to do some things to get ready for transfers, and 2, I don't have my other planner... so I'll just say what I remember.

Monday I wrote to you guys, and then we went and played ultimate Frisbee with the district which was lots of fun. It was one of the elders last p-day so we made it fun for him! We also had FHE, and that went well. We did a get to know you game, and we got to know the ward a little more. That was fun.
Tuesday was a good day. Not much happened though. We just had some lessons with some investigators and talked with several people.

Wednesday we went to district meeting with Bellingham district, and Elder Rilly talked about being a dedicated missionary. It was a pretty cool meeting. For the rest of the day, we visited people and taught some investigators. Pretty great day.

Thursday we did some service for Watcom Land Trust and helped the owner tidy up the place. We also visited and did some tracting in several areas. Fun day.

Friday we had to do some exchanges with Bellingham 2 missionaries because Elder Barlow was training to be a district leader. Elder Bunting, his companion, came with us, and we did some tracting and some visiting while my companions ran some errands around the zone. It was fun because I got to experience what it was like to not have a car.

Saturday was a good day. Zack got baptized, and I got to meet his family. He's a good kid. I can't wait for what lies ahead in his future in this ward.

Sunday Elder Kirk spoke in sacrament meeting, and Elder Manezione and I gave our final testimonies for the ward just in case he and I were leaving. Sadly, we are so that was good to give that one last time to a ward I love. Zack got confirmed Sunday as well. I'm so happy for him.

Today we're going to go get hair cuts and play some ping pong and pool at the institute before Elder Manezione and I leave the zone. 😥😥😞😞😢😢 It makes me so sad... but I know I'll live. I don't like that. I have a feeling that my next area is going to be a bike area. I hear it's not fun in the winter, but we'll see.

My spiritual thought this week comes from general conference. President Nelson said, "When the focus of our lives is on Jesus Christ and His gospel, we can feel joy regardless of what is happening—or not happening—in our lives."

As we grow closer to God, our joy will continue to grow. Don't let anything small bring you down. Look for the positive in life, and the Lord will bless you. This is my hope that we all do this, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
-Elder Hammond

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